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Subject:  The formerly United States of America Date:  11/3/2004  5:20 AM
Author:  bjchip Number:  17254 of 91564

What this election has shown, more than any other thing (and without respect to the outcome in Ohio and the ultimate declaration of winners and losers), is that the USA is a starkly, brutally, divided land.

I am glad not to live there any more. I am glad that my boy cannot be drafted. I am glad not to have to put up with the ignorance of the half of the population that cannot recognize an illegal President making an illegal war and helping the guy who killed 3000 Americans to succeed in his aim... bankrupting the United States. If the US electorate was as intelligent and informed about the real world as they are about the Red Sox, this might not have occurred, but they are not and it did.

...and I am glad that I do not need to return anytime soon. The division that this has proved is too deep to be borne. It is too bitter and brutal to be anything but a danger to the land I was born in.

The USA must reap what Bush has sown before it will understand well enough to reject the demented and globally detested criminals currently in power. Perhaps it is better that Kerry should lose. Blame cannot then be shifted away from the people responsible for the dire straits the country is in today.


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