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Subject:  Re: RFO (Request for Opinions) Date:  11/27/2004  11:49 AM
Author:  jesserivera67 Number:  43310 of 88504

Well zentec seems you and I have been with the fool for about the sametime. Here's a previous post of mine that may help a bit...

There are some sample portfolios there that might help a bit. I only list asset classes. Not sure what research you've done but here are some books/articles that might help:


Here's the link to model portfolios:

I'm a buy and hold guy myself, rebalancing every year or so. You're right aggressive growth is the way to go but it depends on you (and your wife's) risk tolerance. My wife doesn't want to look at this stuff so I end up managing it all which suits me fine since I enjoy it.

Here's a cool website as well by William Bernstein (an actual brain surgeon...go figure.)

He wrote three books. I've read two.

The Intelligent Asset Allocator

The Four Pillars of Investing

Then you might want to check out Burton Malkiel:
The Random Walk Guide to Investing

or the more famous A Random Walk Down Wall Street

I've modeled my portfolio taken bits and pieces from each of the above sites and have managed to do fairly well. I focus on mostly index funds but do have some actively managed ones. I never pay more that 1% for any fund as there are so many options that you can always find one with your appropriate goal for under 1% expense ratio.

Growth/Aggressive is good but you want to diversify so you can moderate your risk somewhat. Remember the more risk the more return but you can have some very rough years (Can you handle a loss of 30-40% in a year?)
I have 100% equity allocation and will tone that back as I get closer to retirement, investing more in short term bonds. The above books will give you a great start to the world of investing. The Random Walk Guide to Investing can be read in an afternoon so I would start with that one.

Best of luck to you!


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