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Subject:  Re: S.O.S. MOTLEY FOOL STAFF Date:  12/27/2004  12:44 PM
Author:  makasha Number:  74961 of 127614

And the comment about being grateful to the person who gave the gift, I couldn't agree more. But I was offended that you left out God. Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and all Gifts come through him.

Don't take the posts personally is my first piece of advice. My second piece of advice, if you want to avoid paying the taxes on the increase in value of the land, at $10,000/acre, gift approximately one acre per year for you and one for your wife to your church. In 30 years or so, you won't have anything left but the land your house sits on, and you won't have paid a dime in capital gains. Maybe you can even have written off the charitable contribution and gotten yourself some tax savings, though that sounds slightly off to me.

Kasha <---lurker on Atheist Fools board and I couldn't help myself ;-)
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