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Subject:  Re: S.O.S. MOTLEY FOOL STAFF Date:  12/27/2004  1:51 PM
Author:  gurdison Number:  74962 of 127616

<This is the Financial Planning Board, is it not?>

No, it is not. It is the Tax Strategies board.

<Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and all Gifts come through him.>

That may be true, but if they are gifts of a large enough monetary value, the IRS will have to give their approval before it becomes official from a tax POV.<g>

Incidentally, it does not matter to me what preference (if any) one has when it comes to religious matters. It is really irrelevant to the topics normally discussed on this board unless one wants to know how a charitable contribution is treated tax wise. FWIW, there are plenty of other Fool boards where the subject is discussed regularly (too regularly in some cases). There are even boards strictly devoted to the subject. So, if it is something you hunger to talk about, there are plenty of other places for you to do so.

One thing that did throw me is your combination of a high moral tone followed by a question you asked twice in your original post: "How to dodge taxes on gains if property sold?...How can we dodge paying these taxes?" The word dodge in a tax sense has a very clear meaning to those who post here regularly. It is not a positive one in any way. I take it as a "how can I cheat, lie or maneuver my way out of paying any taxes on this big windfall that befell me?" I am somewhat surprised that the responses were as nice as they were.

As Lorenzo pointed out this board (and every Fool board) is populated by people interested in the board subject. There are some Fool employees who float around from board to board, but they do not control the subject matter or debate. Some like our own Phil Marti have an interest in a particular board which matches both their interest and expertise. Phil was a former employee of the IRS, so he has a block of knowledge and experience that most of the rest of us do not have. We have all learned a lot from him over the years. We also have a number of CPA's or other professional people who offer their views along with the caveat that any actions you take are strictly your own responsibility.

All responses are made with the hope that they can help the wider population who visit here in addition to the specific poster. Sometimes the lessons are a good example of what not to do. Not everyone likes the responses they get because it may not be what they want to hear. Still, I have found that an honestly asked question will get a number of well reasoned responses. Often since taxes can be very complicated, the response may include links to other sites that you will have to sift through to find your applicable information. One bit of advice that applies to anyone looking to get some answers is to provide enough relevant information for the board to be able to help you. Without enough specifics, those responding are forced to make some assumptions that may or may not be correct.


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