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Subject:  Re: S.O.S. MOTLEY FOOL STAFF Date:  12/29/2004  6:44 PM
Author:  CUBE2U2 Number:  75058 of 127616

My apologies to you Ira. I must have misunderstood the following statement you made:

"Stop complaining". If you sell 79 acres at $10K/acre (keeping 1 acre around the house), the most you will be paying in taxes is $118,500 on sales proceeds of $790K. "You should be grateful" to the person who was so generous in the first place.


I interpreted it to mean that you were saying I wasn't apreciative, but I feel i am. And when i give thanks for something i give thanks to God. I happen to be a Christian, so i give thanks to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I slipped up, because i shared this in anger, and of course the bible teaches not to use the Lords name in vain. I was guilty of that and worthily put in my place by the Foolish community. And as for one's religious beliefs, i agree this board is not intended for that purpose. But when asked about being appreciative in the statement of "You should be grateful" to the person who was so generous in the first place, I couldn't agree more. But i also thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and hope that someday i use this blessing to the benefit of others, a lot better than i have on this board.

i have learned a lot in last few days. what started out in anger for me, then turned to a touch of humor, has ended with some better understanding for me personally. Thanks for the comments, both the good and the bad - or as one Fool described "the comments we didn't want to hear but none the less need to be spoken."



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