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Subject:  Re: Any Advice? Date:  1/11/2005  7:24 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  43979 of 78166

JOETAB24: "I feel stupid for posting again."

I am not trying to make you feel stupid, nor do you appear stupid. Cross-posting is not even the end of the world, but for future reference, it is usually a good idea to note where you cross-posted (or note that you have made related posts and provide links).

"Being a novice, I guess I thought my question was different enough to post again."

You pays your money and makes your posts; plus I have no official status here. Your question, however, always seemed to be, should I pay off my 1.9% car loan?

"I guess I am overwhelmed by the abundance of opinions that exist on this site."

It can be overwhelming. I probably lurked for 6+ months before I ever posted. If you do not understand someone's response, follow-up questions are fine. Especially if the posters appear to want to engage a dialogue.

"Sorry if I already appear to have my mind made up, I do not."

No need to apologize; and I am glad to hear that you have not made up your mind.

"I am just trying to learn as much as possible."

Most of us are.

Most of the regulars are not paid to post here; and many read more than one board. As a result, it is a personal choice whether to respond (or not respond).