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Subject:  Re: Any Advice? Date:  1/12/2005  3:34 PM
Author:  wcfenton Number:  44003 of 88425

There is no problem with crossposting, in my opinion.


There is nothing wrong with a crosspost PROPERLY LABELED.

Crossposted that is not labeled is rude and in violation of internet etiquette. It is not fair to newbies not to tell them so.

If I was walking around with a piece of toilet tissue stuck to my pants, I would appreciate being told as quickly as possible. Wouldn't you?

My comment stands. Crossposts should be avoided when possible and properly labeled when unavoidable.


You haven't changed my mind, so my comments stand as well.

People new to these boards can be easily turned away with coarse comments and reprimands which are really unnecessary. Most learn how others post within a short period of time. However, if they see fit not to follow generally accepted procedural conduct...that's their individual right unless it is illegal, immoral, or against the rules of the house.

In this particular case, the poster was just following my suggestion - so I was the culprit. In my opinion, cross-posting CAN be very fruitful, especially if a person doesn't really know which board they should post their questions to. For the most part, we are talking about people trying to get answers to important questions that can significantly effect their lives. Etiquette has it's place, but it's far from a priority item.

So, if you want to be the self-appointed etiquette police - so be it. We all have our things in life that are important to us. As far as the toilet paper stuck to your pants goes...I don't know...I may just let you find that one out for yourself.


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