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Subject:  Re: Enron and Social Security Date:  2/3/2005  4:48 PM
Author:  stochasticgirl Number:  44343 of 88492

<<Who believes that the problem with Social Security is not that current employees are not putting enough in or that seniors are taking too much ou, but that politicians have been dipping into the till for so long, they are unwilling to take responsibility for their lack of fiscal responsibility that will soon catch up to them (kind of reminds me of sports team owners)...>>

I totally agree with you there, Fuskie. The politicians are so busy arguing over what to do with the "crisis" that they made it hard for the public to see how much they've stuffed their hands into the cookie jar for the past decade or so. Coincidental? Hmmm....

As for the original post, I, too, am very considered about who is going to take on the fiduciary responsibility in the case of privatized accounts. Will it be the brokerage that gets the contract to administer these accounts? Will it be the federal governnment? If I loose all of my private account balance due to someone else's poor fund management, can I sue the President for breach of fiduciary duty?

- Judy
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