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Subject:  Re: Collection Agency Settlement Letter Date:  2/22/2005  5:12 PM
Author:  Fuskie Number:  197963 of 309667

I seriously doubt they care where the money comes from, but your friend must be really true if they are willing to do this for you. If you have it in writing from the CA that they will do X if you do Y, then they have to honor it otherwise you can take them to court. But don't accept a verbal approval of your offer, or a written acceptance that does not restate the details. Your only ammunition is what you can document that they said they would do.

If you have had perfect credit for 7 years, then is the debt the CA is going after older than 7 years? If so, why are you bothering? Most debts drop off your CR after 7 years. Don't fall prey to a CA that is trolling and hoping to hook you into reaffirming your debt. First, they have to prove to you that the debt exists and is yours. Then you can make an offer that includes paying a percentage of the debt and they will