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Subject:  Re: Collection Agency Settlement Letter Date:  2/22/2005  5:35 PM
Author:  Shirtless1 Number:  197968 of 312188

Oh my gosh. Great reply. Thank you so much.

Yes the debt the CA is going after is older than 7 years. I knew all my debts from that period had dropped off my credit report. Or was pretty sure they should have by now. But I read an article recently and thought they could still come after me for it using the courts and stuff.

Their settlement offer is a really good (at least compared to the total they say I owe and it's not an amount I ever remember owing but I figured with interest) and it's already in writing and contains the amount they said they would take in settlement etc. If the debt is that old, should I not bother? I'm now considering what you said and thinking these really are "scum sucking bottom dwellers," as you put it, and to be 100% honest I can't be 100% certain this is one of my old debts. I just assumed it was as I did default on a couple credit cards back in the mid 90's.

That's exactly what I was worried about. That by allowing my friend to pay this debt for me, I might be affirming a debt that I might not have to. Are there resources I can pursue to determine if the debt is legit and I still have an obligation to it without letting them know that they've found me?

Thanks again for the response

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