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Subject:  Re: Collection Agency Settlement Letter Date:  2/23/2005  11:56 PM
Author:  xtn Number:  198121 of 312185

You're right, I'm not any kind of lawyer, so everything I say is only an opinion. Here are some more of my opinions:

1. The more educated you get about this stuff the more confident you will be when dealing with it. Search the internet and read up on such topics as:

cease com letter

debt verification or validation

FDCPA (that's the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, suggest you literally read that whole thing word for word like a book)

FCRA (the Fair Credit Reporting Act)

2. Open all your mail and learn to keep files. When you get a collection letter stick it in your file. If you respond to it, stick a copy of your response in the file. Etc....

3. Again I'm no lawyer, but common sense tells me that there must be some way to get a judgement against an absentee defendant. I guess they probably have to show they made a reasonable search effort for you, and once the judge accepts the fact that you probably skipped the country, he/she will probably go ahead and allow the judgement. Just my guess, but it makes sense.

4. Once you educate yourself and become confidently proactive in putting a stop to these types of issues, you will be much better off. No more fear of the big bad collector man knocking down your door. A sense of pride that you took care of your business instead of letting some bully business push you around. Just hiding from the issues won't make them go away.

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