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Subject:  Re: Religion respect Date:  3/3/2005  6:08 PM
Author:  Edsword2 Number:  559 of 572

Reply to gogreengo:

If your neighbors were asleep in their house while it was burning would you be more interested in saving them from the fire or would you be too concerned that knocking on their door late at night might bother them?

i know the analogy is a bit weak, but the point remains: if someone stumbles upon the truth should that person keep it to themself or share it knowing that sharing it he/she might offend some people?

Suppose you had something very wonderful and exciting happen to you...would you keep that information to yourself or want to share it? what if that wonderful and exciting happening was available for them? Wouldn't you want to try and help people have that?

Most religions claim they are true...imagine one claiming they were a false religion. But they cannot all be true because some of them contradict each other. Thus a choice is needed on the part of each of us. How will someone make that choice? Even the method of determining the choice is often outlined for devotees of various religions. What is a person supposed to do? My suggestion is to ask the Creator. Anything else is less.

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