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Subject:  Re: Religion respect Date:  3/3/2005  6:25 PM
Author:  Edsword2 Number:  560 of 572


Allow me please...

Imagine, if you will, that your neighbors house was on fire while they were asleep inside. Would you wake them or be too concerned they might be offended by being woke up?

Silly analogy? Maybe, but how do we explain spiritual things? Don't we do it with things we understand? So suppose you discovered which was the one true way to God and you knew it. Would you be too concerned about offending people to tell them? Yes, i realize one could argue how could you know you discovered the truth...but that is why i used the word "suppose". One thing we know...the law of gravity works the same for everyone regardless of their religion. Perhaps there is a spiritual law that the Almighty has put in place for all of us as well? i believe He did. The various religions cannot all be right, although they can all co-exist on this side of the grave. The various religions have some very fundamental differences that make them irreconcilable. They simply cannot all be right. How does one determine (for themselves) which is right? Notice "for themselves" which supposes people are ultimately responsible for their beliefs. What if the Almighty had a plan and was interested in sharing that plan with humanity...would you be interested? i think that just as gravity will have the same effect upon all humanity that jumps from a tall building so too will calling out to God from a pure heart yield the same results for all.
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