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Subject:  Re: What have you sown, Mr. Bush? Date:  3/13/2005  12:27 AM
Author:  OldOne Number:  3908 of 5269

...the social safety net so laboriously constructed over 70 years is being torn apart thread by thread.

Some of us actually like this, having looked at examples of countries with "stronger" social safety nets.

The Soviet Union used to have a social safety net, as did most of the Eastern block countries. At this point they have thrown away the safety net you so much desire and are rushing as fast as they can toward free enterprise.

We now have a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy.

And just what is wrong with this? If you wish to join in the mainstream of this coountry you will find that the people currently in power want you to do so. What it takes is work, saving, investing, and taking personal responsibility for your own future.

Actually it has always been the case, that we had "a governnment of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy", but the "social safety net" was laboriously constructed to prevent people in the working class from rising to even modest wealth. Why do you think we have an income tax rather than a wealth tax? The answer is that the architects of this wonderful "social safety net" were wealthy people. When they needed money to pay for their safety net, they taxed those who worked harder or smarter than average, but always those who worked, never those who had made or inherited great fortunes.

The current administration is dismantling some of the barriers to economic advancement which have been "laboriously constructed over the past 70 years." And rightly so.

They are not trying to reduce government support for the truely disabled and the victims of pure bad luck, but they are sayng that those who have disqualified themselves from participating in the American economy by refusing to take advantage of the free education provided to them; who would rather hang out on street corners than actually dress up, show some respect for potential employers and go out and get a job; who think that they deserve a good living and a safety net just by virtue of being born in the US, should shoulder more responsibility for the consequences of their own actions and have no right to take my tax money to support their slothful lives.

Just exactly what part of this offends you?

P.S. Since most of the old communist countries with such a wonderful safety net seem to have gone out of business, your options for voting with your feet and moving there are more limited that they were two decades ago, but Cuba and North Korea still seem to be available.

If you are willing to accept less of a safety net, but still more than the US provides, you could try many of the western European countries. But, be aware they have substantially lower standards of living than the US, and unemployment rates in the 10% range. They too are discovering that a "social safety net" is really a lazy man's boon.
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