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Subject:  Yellowstone supervolcano blows Date:  3/15/2005  8:16 PM
Author:  Hallucigenia Number:  183 of 186

No - not yet :-)

I guess you guys might be interested in the BBC's latest production :

They presented it as a two-part drama, with accompanying documentaries, based on the premise of what would happen if the Yellowstone caldera decided to wake up. Pretty scary :-))

Obviously there was a certain amount of people getting blasted by pyroclastic flows and the like, but there was a lot more science in it than the likes of Dantes Peak, and the followup documentaries had a lot more - they'd commissioned some modelling of the aftermath for instance. Given its generous CGI budget, it must be a co-production with one of the US networks, I didn't see which, so it must be coming to a screen near you guys soon. The website should give you a good flavour of it though, and some pretty pictures to have as wallpaper :-)

[with my Foolname, I felt I had to put my head round the door here :-) Although I ended up going in a different direction, one of my lecturers at uni was Simon Conway-Morris - and it's always good to remember that sometimes things don't make sense until you look at them another way :-)) ]
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