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Subject:  Re: One spouse files bankruptcy Date:  3/21/2005  4:48 PM
Author:  rosietomato Number:  200505 of 312185

>We have no joint debts other than our rent and I am not having any problems paying my bills.
A little lite in your information. What type of 'bills' are we talking about? His part of the food expenses? His half of the utilities? Or is it his car payments/insurance. Or is it his desire to spend his money on the latest electronic gadgets and do it on credit?

You sound like a pretty uncaring wife if you're not willing shoulder his share of the household burden, but certainly if he has been an indescriminant spender, than maybe bankruptcy for him may teach him a valuable lesson on money management. It certainly won't help him in finding good employment which will ultimately impact you.

Sounds like a good marriage councellor would be in order. Sounds like there is more to this than your stuff/his stuff with cohabitation thrown in.

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