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Subject:  Re: Poll: God is like the WIND! Date:  3/27/2005  11:28 AM
Author:  FULLERKZ Number:  119862 of 199101

Hey rbednarski,

fullerkz here. I noticed UMM attacking you for things you said. Congratulations or as Jewish Fools say mazel tov.

Umm's game is that he likes to take your words that occasionally may lack absolute succinctness and try to distort them to demonize you or convolute your strong analysis.

He should be a political reporter or at least consider law school. He'd do very well.

Be not to harsh as his world is imploding all around him and it would be very un-Christian to promulgate his demise.

You see, the FOX network, along with C-SPAN(I have 3 C-Span channels),talk radio, and Internet blogs are rising in popularity. It is no coincidence that ABC,CBS,NBC and CNN ratings are falling. Back in the 1970's the 3 major networks enjoyed viewership rating in the 80;s percentile. Today it stand in the 30's percentile and continues to drop.

We are witness to a major transformation, a metamorphus if you will, in how we receive our news and data, and it is becoming better detailed and delivered faster.

Might I suggest the back to back bestsellers by Bernard Goldberg "BIAS" and "ARROGANCE" to better understand Umm's crumbling world. Do not be fooled for a minute by the bubble which still exists in the mainstream media. Dan Rather still works for VIACOM's CBS division, as do the four fired employees. Why is that? The ramifications are huge for that bulging bag of dirty laundry, and I suspect the resultant litigation from these dismissals is much more damaging than this elitist albeit imploding industry wishes to divulge.



You may find the first book actually somewhat transformational. I have read lots of books, mostly non-fiction, including the Torah and Holy Bible(Revised Standard Version, I now have a King James version I read), and I have found many other books to be more provocative, exciting etc, but like the Torah and Holy Bible, "BIAS" in it's relative simplicity hit me several weeks after I read it. How is that?

When I read a newspaper, watch network or cable tv, listen to the radio or read Internet blogs, I never view them the same way as I used to.

Not long ago I read a book by Edwin Black entitled "IBM AND THE HOLOCAUST."

WOW!!! I bet after reading this book you may be reluctant to give out accurate details when questioned in a census. The point is many amongst us in the general populace are increasingly more astute and skeptical of the imformation we once took for granted. There is resentment as well.

We must move forward and fortunately today we can better sort amongst the stories we will be told.....and they will be told.



"Make no mistake about Viacom's diversified but solidly leftist plan for the expanse of culture it controls. Do you remember Paul McCartney's October 20,2001 Concert for New York City at Madison Square Garden? I certainly do. Aired on VH1, it was a benefit for the victims of the September 11 attack, and the audience was full of New York City firefighters and police officers, and of family members holding up pictures of fallen loved ones."

"Then Hillary Clinton walked onstage and the most remarkable thing happened---the heroes of 9/11 started booing. The audience exploded with shouts of "Get off the stage! We don't want you here!" After about 20 seconds of this, she left."

"While the reaction of New York's Finest and Bravest is in itself enlightening, what VH1 did to that segment is even more so. For the rerun of that program on Christmas Day 2001, VH1 digitally erased the boos and catcalls aimed at Hillary Clinton and replaced them with cheers and applause. This altered version was used for the DVD commemorating the event, cementing into historical record a version of reality altered to fit Viacom's preferred worldview."*****

*****Excerpt from Tammy Bruce's best seller "THE DEATH OF RIGHT AND WRONG"

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