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Subject:  Re: FI might not mean wealthy Date:  4/5/2005  2:17 PM
Author:  0gre Number:  3164 of 5232

I notice that a lot of people associate spending money with "a lack of financial acumen and a need (born of insecurity) to seek social status and the respect of others through superficial displays". We tend to spend money at restaurants (we both enjoy going out to eat, neither of us really enjoys cooking), going to & renting movies, going on long vacations (hawaii, tropical islands, alaska, etc etc), and so on. I don't feel that any of these things are displaying any need for social status, it's just things we enjoy doing. And I feel that if we don't mind working an extra 5 years to add that much extra onto our savings so that we can maintain our lifestyle, then why not?

It's just a matter of what you enjoy and what you feel is worth the effort. For me it's cycling and flying, both expensive hobbies but worth it to me and they don't get in the way of my savings. As long as you plan for your it you can enjoy those vacations/ cars/ airplanes/ or whatever. However many people consume because they don't know better and they just don't understand that the reason they can never get ahead is because they are paying for last years lifestyle.

-- Dennis
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