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Subject:  Re: FI might not mean wealthy Date:  4/6/2005  10:39 PM
Author:  peteyperson Number:  3180 of 5245

Nice to see you, FMO.

Totally agree that showing "trappings" most often does not mean the individual is wealthy. Often the purchase of such "trappings" indicates low self-esteem too.

I think most people who have accumulated some wealth are very low key about it. Friends get jealous, other people might try to sue, people have killed for less (as one friend said to me the other day), etc.

I generally think it is smart to downplay it if you have it. Also, most who get there do so by LBYM. Those types are not the type to flash anything other than a wry smile!


I guess it depends how you choose to define "wealthy". I would rephrase your statement as follows: "The ostentatious display of the trappings of wealth does not necessarily imply financial independence."

I define "wealthy" as having the means to live comfortably, independent of the necessity to work for wages. My definition does not require distinctions to be made between those who are merely wealthy and those that are very wealthy or extremely wealthy. Purchasing lots of toys and expensive clothes does not imply the existence of wealth; it only means that those individuals have a lot less wealth than they otherwise would. In fact, such displays of wealth frequently indicate the opposite . . . . a lack of financial acumen and a need (born of insecurity) to seek social status and the respect of others through superficial displays.

It matters not what your friends think about your financial standing. It only matters what you think.


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