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Subject:  Re: Addressing a Foolish Crowd Date:  4/27/2005  9:09 PM
Author:  greystarfish Number:  13 of 18

Jeremy, I just found this board. I suffer from severe allergies. It affects my ears, eyes, lungs, and throat. There are times, that I cough and choke. I am taking two medicines for high blood pressure and five medicines for allergies. There is no cure for allergies. You can only try to control it. I had a cat, named Shadow, that suffered from Gingivitis. It became Auto Immune Gingivitis in May of 2002. During the attacks, her gums would swell and close off, her throat. She could not eat or drink water, during this time period. I had to hospitalized her a lot. She had some of her teeth removed in November of 2002. After her surgery, she became depressed and would not eat. We are not sure, what happened to her. At that point in time, the FDA had approved a depression drug for dogs, but not for cats. Shadow developed Liver failure. I had no choice, but to put her to sleep. Auto Immune Disease is a horrible disease for people and animals. The body thinks that the affected area (gums, muscles, etc.) is a foreign object. The body attacks it. I have a really good vet. She has had six different cases of Auto Immune Gingivitis. It is a rare disease in dogs and cats. Regards, Teresa
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