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Subject:  Re: Wildflowers Destroyed Date:  5/5/2005  6:18 PM
Author:  zsimpson Number:  17580 of 31767

Another reason is the increasing width of residential streets and growing plat sizes. Think about the 50-, 80-, and 100-year-old neighborhoods in your town. Are the streets as wide as those currently being built? Are the yards as big? In my town, a standard city plat used to be 60X110; now average is 100X120, but moreover there are tons of nearby rural subdivisions with acre lots (regular houses...I'm not talking farms). Basically, a house on an acre lot is taking up the space that 6.6 houses used to take up, or the space that 3.7 houses on the smaller current lots take up. That doesn't include the extra land that is used by the streets through those subdivisions. The bigger the plats, the more street acreage you're going to have to get from one house to the next.

I owuld like to see some facts to back up the comments on plat size. Most areas are going from farmland to suburbia. That means going from a large plat to a smaller one.
I agree street width has grown, but we've also gone from using horses and carts to cars, buses and trucks.
And as Jeanwa stated, I see people a lot of hypocritical complaining in most areas concerning who cna do what on or with their land.

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