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Subject:  Re: Wildflowers Destroyed Date:  5/5/2005  6:49 PM
Author:  eastender Number:  17581 of 31811

maybe you live in a little mud hut or tent, and are trying to take your little corner back to "nature".

I have always respected your posts and found them most informative. The understanding you are seeking has to do with human nature, not with gardening or landscaping. I can't help you understand human beings. I don't understand people like the ones you describe either and like Mish have attempted to rescue and transplant native flora from construction sites nearby when allowed to. I don't begrudge my neighbors their homes.

The whole question of logging is another conversation. In fact all the wood on the tract I described was removed by a trash hauler. Many of the trees were very old and large, but it was more cost efficient to just discard them. The land was stripped in a matter of days.

Here is one project that WAS successful in my town. I was glad to be able to be a small part of that effort. I hope you take the time to read it.

The Great Swamp is available to everyone and there is an active Outdoor Education Center there. This is a wonderful thing in a place like New Jersey where blacktop is one of the favorite plantings.

I have spent years planting trees and restoring native plants to the small piece of land I live on. Perhaps living in an overdeveloped state like NJ would help you understand why I think that stripping ten acres of woodland is a horrible loss. There is no housing shortage here, there is just an opportunity for a developer to make a whole lot of money. When every free square foot of this state is paved and developed we will all be poorer in spirit if not in dollars. I used the term "tree hugger" facetiously. I had no idea it would start an argument.

eastender (musing from my mud hut)

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