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Subject:  Re: Wildflowers Destroyed Date:  5/6/2005  7:46 AM
Author:  horacekgl Number:  17588 of 31766

The house had to go somewhere and it was impossible not to lose some trees but he lost 4 of his biggest and best trees that might have been saved with different positioning. All told he lost about 7 oak trees and a few nice cherry trees. Different plans might have saved at least a few of them.

Well you saw it and I didn't. I would only point out that he may NOT have had as much choice in positioning as you think. Many plats predetermine where the house/structure will be built. They are in my "subdivision"; each empty lot already had the house location predetermined at the time the plat was approved. But I suppose he could have gone to the local government and probably gotten the plat changed if a)he wanted to or b)he thought of it.

I am of the same dilemma (not so my wife). Caught between being a NIMBY and an independent thinker. I really hate it when they come in with the bulldozers to open the forest up for the building. But it is their land and you do have to have enough room for the house, driveway, some buffer zone, etc. It just seems to take more 'dozing than it should. My wife is always angry when it happens; never mind that the same thing happened for our house, albeit before she saw it. We moved to the country because we are country people; I keep telling her it is hypocritical to decry someone else wanting the same.

We have a brewing war between the "Save Rural Andover" crowd and the "Development is Good" crowd. While one side is hypocritical (I've got mine, go pound sand), the others are morons who think development for developments sake is good; that it'll lower our taxes. Yeah, that'll happen all right!

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