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Subject:  Re: Jimmy Carter Date:  5/27/2005  10:41 PM
Author:  TMFSpeck Number:  110447 of 178767

It would be better for this despot loving moron to stay at home and take care of his peanuts.

After Nixon left office, pardoned for crimes he may have committed, he wrote a few books, and while tarnished by his deeds in office, he did occasionally consult with the government in foreign policy matters.

After Ford left office, he played golf. In the nearly 30 years since he has left office, I can think of nothing more remarkable than that. His wife Betty has had a longer legacy with the drug treatment center named for her.

After Reagan left office, he gave some speeches and interviews. I think he tossed the coin at a Notre Dame game (Gipper and all...)

Bush Sr. and Clinton have notably worked together in the tsunami relief effort.

After Carter left office, he opened the Carter Center promoting world health and human rights. He's worked with James Baker to promote peace in places like Sudan and Ethiopia. He monitored Noriega's "election" in Panama and bravely branded it a sham for the world to see.

He's worked actively in hot spots like North Korea (brokering a nuclear freeze - our current government refuses to even sit at the table), Bosnia (brokering a cease-fire), and Haiti.

The Carter Center has monitored some 50 elections worldwide, including places like the West Bank and Gaza, Venezuela, Indonesia, Peru, Lebanon, Panama, Jamaica, Ethiopia...

For years, he's helped build houses for low-income families with Habitat for Humanity. He's written some 16 books.

While his faith is important to this deeply religious man, he would never dream of forcing his morals on others, nor would he use it as a weapon against his political opponents.

At age 81, he continues to devote his life to ideals he holds dear and works to make the world a better place.

While in office, he took full responsibility for the failed rescue attempt of American hostages in Iran, as opposed to George "I can't think of any mistakes" Bush.

Was he a great President? Perhaps not. But I'd take this peanut-farming "moron" any day over the current crop of cynical miscreants.


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