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Subject:  Re: Joys of Gardening Date:  6/1/2005  8:10 AM
Author:  horacekgl Number:  18032 of 31811

My wife has a "fairy garden" in the forest that is open to all the little girls in the neighborhood to visit. Some times they bring there own fairies to play. It really cute.

The little boys are much more interested in the pond with its frogs and gold fish. Unfortunately, they are more likely to take something home than bring something, but their naked exuberance is still refreshing.

Spring in our neck of the woods is indeed lovely. The iris are open and the hostas, astilbes, and bleeding hearts are growing like gangbusters. If we can continue to keep the deer at bay we are in for a treat this year. The forest is full of ferns, rue anemome, and of course the pervasive May Flower (our drought ended three years ago so we are seeing more and more native stuff showing up).

We had a yearling bear digging for ground squirrels in the side yard (500 feet away) the other night at dusk, but he ran off up the hill where the dens are located when we made ourselves known. The next night I spotted a black panther (small, maybe 40 lbs) out by the pond; these are so rare that only the "old timers" describe having seen them. I feel very privileged. Other wildlife making visits lately include wild turkeys, a solitary bobcat, some hedgehogs, a red fox, and of course the geese (the association will be treating the lake soon, so the geese will move on). These are just the critters I've seen; I'm sure there are others. The squirrels seem to have hidden or perhaps they are just harder to notice now. Surprisingly for a forested region, we really don't have a lot of birds (nor do we have many insects usually).

Gosh I love my little corner of this world. I'm trying to get my enthusiatic gardener of a wife to slow down and enjoy what she has wrought. Last weekend I built two rough tables (to place pots, odds and ends, etc on as visual attractions) out of some saplings we culled. Chain saw, twine, a few nails and time. Put in some new pathways through the forest (cleared a path and covered it with woodchips) and have begun to build benches that I "hide" in various places to encourage people to sit and enjoy.

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