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Subject:  Re: If Animals Weren't Meant To Be Eaten... Date:  6/8/2005  8:16 AM
Author:  tlswms Number:  238285 of 876052

"I'm not apologizing for your lack of communication skills."

To TNgirl - I can clearly understand why JB thougth immediately of you when he saw the joke he posted.

"I believe animals have souls, but I still eat them. Animals eat animals, and humans are definitely animals, primates to be exact, very closely related to Chimpanzees, and we've all seen Jane Goodall's videos of her Gombe Stream males going hunting for Colubus and young gazelles. It's just who we are"

To Art - I have little quarrel with eating meat - it's the 1)inhumane way the animals are raised (pea-brained doesn't mean one should abuse them) and 2) the environmental degradation being not only perpetrated by agribusiness but subsidized by we hapless taxpayers that gets me. As one tiny example on the envir. front - it takes something like 300-400 gallons of freshwater to process a pound of meat - the Ogalala aquifer supplying fresh water to millions of Amercians is being drained at an unsustainable rate - largely due to meat production. Lastly, interestingly, I read about a study recently that said infants reject animal flesh and it's much more environment than genetics that make us meat eaters.


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