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Subject:  Re: If Animals Weren't Meant To Be Eaten... Date:  6/8/2005  8:23 AM
Author:  cattleman22 Number:  238286 of 876052

{{ll beef after it's first killed is hung in a cooler from 4 to 10 days. If he had been punching "dry aged beef" his hands would have gotten all "gooey" and nasty, because, from the pictures that I've seen, it gets kind of yucky looking. It's wrapped in muslim, but then mold sort of grows out of the fat and muslim as it's aging. Perhaps the mold itself releases enzymes which helps to break down the muscle tissue?}}

There are different types of dry aging. My parents would dray age beeves for at least 3 weeks. In that time, no mold would grow nor much bacteria. That is one type of dry aging.

I think the one you are referring to with mold growth is when the loin is cut out and aged for months, not just a few weeks. With this type of aging, some of the flavor comes from the lactic acid producing bacteria.

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