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Subject:  Re: Happy Dance Date:  6/17/2005  3:32 PM
Author:  yttire Number:  3331 of 5232

I was looking over my finances and just read a book about retiring in Mexico. You can live there for about half of what you can here.

I realized that we could retire right now, and it was a strange feeling (must as you may feel when thinking about moving into that 100k place and just quitting).

You have to ask yourself- what do you really want? What is the purpose of moving further, if you have already reached a point of independence? Is it merely seeking a larger marging of safety? Or coming up with a standard of living for your spouse?

I don't know the answers to those questions, but do think a larger margin of safety is nice, and the future is so unknown it is threatening. Living off of just investments seems risky in some ways.

I guess it comes down to why you want to FIRE. If you want to FIRE to pursue your dream job- couldn't you do it now? If you want to FIRE to escape from wage slavery- you certainly could in Mexico. If you want to FIRE to maintain your current standard of living here in the states in your same house- well you may have to wait.

But wouldn't it be nice to spend summers with your 5 year old instead of an air conditioned office? I am asking myself those questions now- I am not ready to FIRE but could take on a job with the summers off. What am I sacrificing and for what purpose? My kids are not even in school yet though... I get to see them during lunch break- so this soothes my ego a bit.

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