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Subject:  A Little Bit on One of My Heros Date:  7/11/2005  1:30 AM
Author:  coyote97 Number:  48337 of 53868

My little brother has just completed his last class to complete his BS degree from ASU, in computer graphic design (or somesuch thing). He did so nearly as quickly as I did.... he is 25 years old (for reference or our relation in age I am 34). Now, my long college career had many self inflicted troubles and detours.... mostly involving beer, lack of focus, and just general stupidity of youth.

Tim's path has been long and arduous for much more compelling challenges. My little brother has cerebral palsey. I have never heard him complain, and never heard him make excuses. But, in reality the kid has had more challenges in his life than I ever did. It would have been understandable to be a little bitter. But, his entire life, the kid has been a bundle of personality that all around him are fond of him.

What I have heard him say is how lucky he is when exposed to others with far more debilitating involvement of cerebral palsey. My little brother walks fine (noticably different), runs, drives, speaks completely normal. He overall, lives a "normal life". His biggest challenges are in fine motor skills. You take for granted the complex action of tying your shoes or cutting up a steak. He had the challenge of trying to write notes he could read in his classes. He has become a wiz with a keyboard and a mouse. He eventually took "shorthand" notes with his laptop in classes.

Tim grew up in our household an ordinary member of our family. I treated him like all of my other