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Subject:  Re: NEW MEMBER CONFESSION Date:  7/12/2005  2:59 PM
Author:  mew5280 Number:  208089 of 312187

I agree! That was 10 years worth, too. They made it really easy to withdraw funds by fax and when I ran out of money, I just faxed in a request. Yes I regret it but it's the past, can't change it now.

I know my post was rambling but I do want to know what drawback there would be to selling my house to pay off debt and starting over again in something smaller? I would not sell the house and rent, only if we could buy again.

ALSO, I refinanced this year to an interest-only loan, with the idea of using the extra money to pay off the credit debt and then we had been thinking about moving in the next few years anyway. SO, within 4 years we will have to refinance again or sell and move (or continue paying more on the interest only, which I do not intend to do).

I can think of advantages to selling and buying something newer/lower cost:

- it's an older house, lots of maintenance yet in a desireable neighborhood that sells fairly quickly
- it has a huge yard with a pond and other landscaping features that take a lot of time/money to maintain.
- get out of the interest only loan

and disadvantages:

- it is a starter home, priced low. buying even lower means something very tiny or in bad shape or in a bad neighborhood.
- we would start with very little equity, 20K at best

Has anyone ever done this or considered doing it? I always thought staying in your house is the best choice but I've been weighing the odds. Having no cc debt would be SO freeing.
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