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Subject:  Re: NEW MEMBER CONFESSION Date:  7/12/2005  3:17 PM
Author:  mew5280 Number:  208093 of 312189

Thank you for the welcome.

I lean toward what you're saying. I felt really good when I was working and paying at least $1000/month toward that debt. Being unemployed has been a setback but I'm getting back on the horse again.

However, I wanted to be open to my husband's idea and see them out. We do plan on buy another house eventually because this one was mine and now there are two of us and it's not "our" house and is small, we want a different neighborhood BUT, I want to wait until we're ready, no debt, and can afford what we want, not be forced.

I'm hoping to have a job soon and really start putting money toward the cc's and maybe he'll feel better then and stop thinking about selling the house. But I always like to hear ideas.

One thing we both decided. We are not moving up in a house, just over. We don't want or need anything really expensive just because we "qualify", but there are things we want in the house that we don't have now.

I watched my parents in their early 50's, with 3 mortgages on the house, sell the house, pay cash for a small condo, save for the next 10-12 years and were able to build a house on a 40 acre plot in a beautiful canyon with cash. They did take about 10-20K loan out when the stock market fell but now they are semi-retired so they have health insurance and 800K in retirement savings. Now there is a success story! So you can start late but I would advise anyone to start early, start young, I wish I had but it's still not too late.
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