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Subject:  Re: Take Charge America Date:  7/15/2005  6:36 PM
Author:  mew5280 Number:  208376 of 312189

I have to say something. People who write in here, wanting help, advice, support and have debt because they need help, not because they want others to slap their hands.

I also disagree with: "Only you caused this problem, and only you can solve it. because it makes it sound like all the debtee is 100% to blame, always and forever amen. Where you cannot place blame on others for your debt, there are some reasons that are really hard to not incur debt. Education is one. It's low interest, it was necessary to further a life and career but it can hang over your head. Health care is another. Over and over you hear of people who have horrible health care bills and have to put it on a credit card. I was afraid to not have insurance when I was unemployed, so I paid $300/month COBRA. That's was $300 less I didn't have and probably charged groceries instead.

The other problem is that some people are simply never educated well on financial matters. High school and college courses never teach anyone how to manage a budget, finances, and save for retirement (well, at least my schools never taught that).

Please don't assume that people in debt are reckless spenders void of all self-discipline. If we were, we wouldn't be reading this board.

End of lecture. Thank you.

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