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Subject:  Re: Take Charge America Date:  7/15/2005  7:20 PM
Author:  hwkncat Number:  208379 of 312189


Thank You :-) You're a New Fav Fool.

The reason I stopped coming to the Fool 2 years ago was because of sanctimonious posters that were quick to blame others. I know what happened is my fault, I'm NOT proud of it. I'm very ashamed actually and angry at myself since this is not the first time, but it is the worst hole I've gotten into.

A combination of events (new house, husband's job loss, and most aggravating of all, a possible manic episode triggered by an antidepressant medication I was taking, which I have now switched to a different one) all combined to contribute, along with the "ostrich syndrome". Additionally I got NO financial training or advice as a child, nor in school. My worst problem is LAMM.

I know I have a lot of soul searching to do and most of it is painful. I was in a panic last night when it dawned on me just how long it would take to pay off the debts I have incurred. For a little while I had fleeting thoughts of suicide, but that is NOT an option. That was when I thought of the take charge program. I don't want others to absolve the debts, I fully intend to pay them off, but the APRs are killing me right now. That's the help I was looking for. I think that asking to have them (the companies directly) reduced at this time but be a joke. I will look more thoroughly at the link you provided in the morning after work.

I do have a glimmer of hope, my Credit score is better than the last time I looked, actualy 688. I expected it to be in the 500s. Also I paid for the CR this time, not with credit, but a check debit. Also last month I paid for a hotel room with cash rather than charging when out of town. Baby steps I know. Please keep giving me encouragement everyone. I desperately need it right now.

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