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Subject:  Re: Take Charge America Date:  7/15/2005  11:00 PM
Author:  Rhodnius Number:  208393 of 312187

First, please accept my apologies if I came across harshly. Many posters do come here without the knowledge that their debt situation is their own creation, and that's the first thing to realize. Sounds like you're past that - which is great! First step towards solving any problem is to admit that it exists, as I'm sure you well know.

Anyway, the point I was trying to get across is that any of the counseling services are _not_ the solution. Just the fact that you were thinking of them as debt "reduction" services seemed like a bit of a red flag. All they can do is push the problem farther off into the future -- stealing from your future self to pay for the mistakes of your past self.

You've identified the real problem as LAYM, and that isn't something that a credit counseling service can fix. They can't prevent you from spending more than you have. Going back to Tamarian's saga linked above, it sounds like you've gotten through step 1 of understanding that a problem exists. Step 2 is to set a budget that you can stick with. Have you done that - lay out your income and expenses so that you can see all the numbers? If you want help doing that, just post it all right here to the board and you'll get plenty of suggestions.

Hope that helps,
- Erik
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