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Subject:  Re: Flawed Ethanol Study Date:  7/22/2005  9:25 PM
Author:  mschmit Number:  9630 of 18535

The Ethanol put down study refured too by many in the above Ethanol replies in the Utilities section is pretty much Biased and flawed. It is biased because if you the authors especially the one from Berkley you will see he is more or less knee deep in oil.

I've seen it elsewhere so I think I know about the study you are talking about.

But let's look at this in a scientific way, without the emotion of oil. Some studies, like this one have shown that ethanol costs more in terms of energy use, than it gains. Something like 110% or 120%...maybe more energy in for each 100% out. The most favorable studies say something like 80% in for 100% out. I don't know who is right or wrong...but it is a valid question. And I'm sure that some farmers and production techniques are better and more energy-efficient than others.

Like one writer said in a previous reply above if Oil production considered the cost to mine and produce the iron ore into steel that went into the oil rigs and the oil trucks then we could make a fine case that maybe oil production cost 2 dollars for every dollars worth of oil.

I think that you'd be wrong. But just to be fair you'