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Subject:  Re: Asset Allocation Date:  7/31/2005  12:28 PM
Author:  wastelander Number:  47091 of 88807

Will you be getting any social security on top of the pension? Have you sat down and run the numbers to figure out how much money you will need to live on in retirement? Without more details, I can't say much more, but my first impression is that 11 years is really optimistic or you're going to have to really tighten your belt in retirement. You might need to look into relocating -- selling your house and getting a small condo to make your retirement happen. You might have to work part time.

Yes, I will be getting Social Security. With Social Security and the Pension They should total 20K a year. According to my figgers i should be able to have a total of over 300K saved up in the RIRA, the 401K and selling off the rest of my company stock. One nice thing that makes all of this possible is the company I work for now matches 100% to 7%. And with the 300K fiure I am not even calculating the compounding interest which will be acuring.

At present I live on 36K a year and am paying off debts and getting things lined up. I live in the Panhandle of Texas which is about as inexpensive a place to live as you can find. My house payments, for a 2005 square foot home is $560.00 a month. That would be hard to beat.

Again, I think you need to really look at the numbers to see what type of retirement you'll be able to afford in only 11 years. Try to figure out how much that pension is going to be worth. Find out about social security. You'll be able to retire, you may have to significantly reduce your standard of living though.

I think if there isn't another market crash I should be able to achive this and maintain the same lifestyle that i have today.

Thanks for the RIRA suggestions. Much appreciated.

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