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Subject:  Re: FIRE Plans on hold Date:  8/14/2005  10:24 AM
Author:  BigPasta Number:  3510 of 5245

hey mazske,

I haven't had a whole lot of posts on this board lately but I got inspired by your Ali like return to the posting arena.


5%??????? How much do you think that it's worth to you if you can teach one kid how to read? My guess ,Mark, is that there isn't a price. Reading is a gift that should be a right. And you are affording people the right to read.

I didn't see a donation area on the web site!!!! what gives? You could maybe aquire some transportation (after the books of course) that way if people are generous enough.

I dunno.

As far as FIRE goes.....the hell with it. FIRE has all of a sudden been about scrapeing your nickels together so you can quit work at 45 and still afford you co-pays at 80. I always though that the "FI" part of FIRE meant that you can do something important with your life (help family members, charity work etc) not be FI and watch Price is Right re-runs all day long.

As far as I am concerned you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Of course more greeenbacks in the wallet would be nice, but doing your life's work is the pinnacle of ones existance. So forget about the money. There will always be more. Thanks for starting this board, reading to kids, and keeping the streets safe. You are a hero.

Dude, spring for the piano keys man.

Later on,

BP aka nukenick

another guy who wasn't that concerned with FIRE

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