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Subject:  Re: YES! Date:  8/15/2005  4:03 PM
Author:  JonBeer Number:  46915 of 65580

Congratulations Jon!!!

Thanks very much everyone. It's been a very exciting weekend....

Friday was utterly utterly nerve wracking for me. I was scheduled to film from 9:30am onwards, but Allison couldn't know. As a result I got up and went to work, arriving at 6:30am as usual and sending her emails and stuff. I then went home around 9, only for her to ring me at the office 3 minutes later. Luckily my guys covered for me, and let me know, so I came BACK to the office to call her back from there - she has called ID... Went down to filming, after telling my partner on the trading floor to cover for me with emails and if she rang tell her I was in a looooong meeting.

I went downtown and filmed with Dave a few minutes worth of footage where we prepare parmesan crisps for the soup, and make champagne jello (well, he makes it, I make admiring noises and look interested). This takes several hours. Who knew TV was such hard work??

I leave the studio (actually someone's cramped and very sweaty apartment) and head back home to change back into work gear - go back to work and pretend I just got out of the meeting(at 3:00pm!!). somehow pull it off. Leave work, go home, change into suit for evening's filming.

My girlfriend is running very late and is considering cancelling. I tell her I've called the producers and they're running late so it's not a big deal, but that they asked whether I'd be ok substituting someone else as my "girlfriend" for the "special anniversary dinner" show - said I'd be ok with it. Naturally, this not only squashes suspiscions she was harbouring about me asking her on the show, but also angers her a little and spurs her into coming. The first of my moments of genius...

Arrive at the offices of the production company where my lady's friends are already getting make-up done, she arrives about 5 minutes after me. I lie like a cheap watch about my day and how well the meeting went. I also take her best friend aside and inquire, not for the first time, about the two of us going ring shopping in a couple of days - she agrees and I think this is instrumental in allaying my lady's suspicions as she later tells her very specifically "It's in the works, but it's NOT today, so don't get dissapointed". The second of my moments of genius....

We go over to the studio, and I have the ring in my pocket next to my cell-phone. I see my girlfriend looking at the bulge pointedly and try to cover it with m suit jackey, but to no avail. She suggests I put my cell-phone in my bag so that it doesn't bulge like that (she knew it couldn't be anything else in my trousers bulging!) or go off during filming (errr.... no comment). Crisis!!! What to do?!? I put the phone in h