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Subject:  Re: look at what I've done to myself Date:  8/22/2005  3:02 PM
Author:  MelissaATX Number:  209767 of 312149

1. Snowballing now: Hm. I know the APRs are just crazy-out-of-control but not having any savings really freaks me out, considering what I've had to pay for out of pocket recently. I may figure out my snowball amount and send half the cards and half to savings.

2. Second job: Its is being looked for. I put it off because I let my liability insurance expire (couldn't afford to renew it) and if I do anything for a second job, it should be what I enjoy and pays well by the hour (which is giving massages). I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and pay to get the insurance again.

2a. Selling investments: Non-401(k) stock was sold last year. All I have left is about $5K in my 401(k). After many posts here about it, I really never considered liquidating that account. Especially when it won't make a huge dent in what I owe.

3. Car insurance: I am still paying for my years of being the speed queen. (thankfully, I now drive more responsibly and have only a year left before everything falls off my record) It's not likely I will find cheaper insurance anywhere. It's really as low as I'm comfortable with.

4. Cell phone: After getting dinged for previous attempts of lowering my plan (lowered it right before a move where I called 80million people and ended up with a $200bill!), I'm keeping it where it is for a few months and monitoring the bills to see how many minutes I use and when. I will adjust as needed in Sept/Oct.

5. Thank my brother: I have, repeatedly. My parents are willing to switch some of my credit card debts to their cards on ultra low rates (0-2.99%) but I don't want things to get awkward and all "well, we couldn't cosign a car loan for your brother because our credit score went down when we helped you". I'd like to do this without them if at all possible. Parents = last resort.

Currently, I bring home $912 every two weeks (Yay! September is a 3-paycheck month!). Technically, this leaves me with one paycheck for my credit cards and one paycheck for everything else every month. Oy. It's so sad to put it like that.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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