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Subject:  Re: MRK-stick to the facts Date:  8/28/2005  9:35 AM
Author:  freethinkerkeywe Number:  8759 of 41990

Go to any town and watch the jury selection process. NO ONE who works wants to serve on a jury despite your suggestion to the opposite. The doctors, lawyers, businessmen, anyone with any degree of pull won't even appear for the process because they will have their lawyer (or they themselves) call the judge and get themselves excused before the process even begins. I know because that's how I handled it when I was called, a process suggested to me by several others who had similarly gotten off. As a result, it is difficult, if not impossible to get jury of your peers (at least in terms of a decent level of sophistication). One of the jurors even said they didn't understand the science AND THEREFORE THEY IGNORED IT.

This was the last post I could take about jurists lacking sophistication. So, not just to you, but to all the people who condone "making excuses" to get off jury duty, I've got something to get off my chest:

There is simply no honor in lying to get off jury duty. People who lie to get out of jury duty and who complain about the low quality of jurists in trials are like blabbermouth shout radio/TV Chickenhawks who lied about cysts on their asses or who had dad pull strings to keep them out of Vietnam.

Loud mouthed hypocrites are the lowest form of critics.

People who lie to get off jury duty, but who then turn around and make fun of jurists not being "peer" material are anti-American. You have become part of the problem by not serving honorably. Feeling superior to those without your "pull" lends to your thinking that you are smarter than the jurists.

When you lie to get off jury duty, you become an anti-citizen. You do yourself and your fellow citizens wrong. You still want influence in your commmunity but you want no responsibility. This is what I call immauirity.

Pulling monkey business to get out of jury duty dishonors your name. And these poor unsophisticated people on the jury with no social pull, or who might have "juice" but who refuse to use it, are the real "players" and backbone in society.

Just to shoot a few more holes in your thinking:

Let me tell you about the lack of sophisticates I served with this year. I served on a six person jury in Key West. Of the 7 of us (I was the a