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Subject:  I Need To Vent...... Date:  9/2/2005  7:38 AM
Author:  JBtheJunkist Number:  256865 of 794813

.... but I don't know where to start.

We were very lucky. We lost two trees and one of those I went out into the storm to cut down to keep it from falling on our home. My neighbor wasn't so fortunate.

A tree fell onto his home and pinned his wife of 52 years face down on the floor of their garage, where she drowned in rainwater. He lost his fingernails clawing at the wood of the tree trying to pull her free, screaming against the storm for help. As a retired preacher, he called to god for help and no help came. God indeed.

I've been called to duty. I came home last night (we haven't had power since Monday? -- the days all blend together when you're working 20 hour days) and showered, lay on the floor, and went to sleep. I woke up in the darkness, crying from the nightmares of the destruction and from the actions of people. Humans killing one another over bags of ice, over gasoline, over a loaf of bread. Looters stealing anything of value, people attacking remote houses -- raping, killing and robbing. Finding a dead mother with her 1? year old dead daughter in her arms, who drowned while waiting for help that never came == and people are fighting while waiting in line for six hours for gas to drive around like everything is normal.

Ten days ago, I watched Leann Rimes <sp> at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi. We ate a great dinner and had a ball. The Beau is just a shell. There are places where stuff was and now isn't. A beautiful home I always admired is just an empty lot... not even a pipe or foundation. You dig through debris and at the end of the day you feel as dead as the debris around you... and you can't wash the smell off....even if there was water to wash with. It's all too much.... to big.... the destruction, the savagery of man... the untold hardships to come upon those already suffered.

I found a dog sitting next to it's master who was dead.... and the dog wouldn't let us near the body.... it just kept nudging the man, hoping for a pat on the head or a scratch... but that is gone for both of them. I told my wife I needed a hug last night, and couldn't stop crying while she held me. And people are just not thinking. Some are trying so hard to get "back to normal", to go to work, to eat lunch at Wendy's, to hit the mall,