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Personal Finances / Credit Cards and Consumer Debt


Subject:  An Ethical Thought Date:  9/15/2005  12:36 PM
Author:  mew5280 Number:  210737 of 312187

OK, I was thinking about something last night and thought I'd see what others thought.

Is there any time when a consumer is at an advantage using a credit card and not paying it off (i.e. using it and paying interest, I know there is an advantage to using a cc when you pay it off each month)?

My answer to that was a big, fat NO. There is no reason that anyone should have to use a credit card. Society would have to adjust, for sure, it wasn't so long ago that there were no credit cards for everyday consumers.

That being the case, how ethical/moral is it for banks to issue credit cards to any and everyone, knowing that the ONLY way they make money is from people who cannot pay them off? If everyone paid their cards off each month, there would no longer be a credit card industry, right?

I'm not blaming banks for personal debt, but just thinking about it. It's pushing the line a bit. I have interviewed many times for IT jobs in CC processing divisions and had never thought about the ethical/moral implications.

Banks lending money for homes and consumer credit for cars seems to be the only reason for credit. Does anyone remember layaway? Has anyone lately used a layaway to buy something?

I'm just throwing this out. I was thinking "what would it be like if no one had credit cards?" Which was the case not that long ago, I think consumer credit cards have only been in existence about 30 years, right?

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