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Subject:  Re: Health care Date:  9/28/2005  7:37 AM
Author:  BrerBear Number:  10065 of 20596

both the casualty and the automotive insurers are bombarded with claims which can only be considered shakey at best. I am sure no one on this board would do such a thing, but there are people who sue their physicians, the hospitals, and anyone who happened to be in the building at the time for anything and everything. Our collective greed drives much of it.

Concur... and I would submit that this phenom is directly tied to issue #2, the 'always happy to help' ambulance chasers... the ones who advertise on TV, trolling for class-action 'victims' to cobble together the Break the Bank CA lawsuit...

For that matter, I'd also say that the high fees charged by providers are also the result of problem #2... as I said earlier, providers have hellacious insurance premiums* [ask your own, for an eye opener], and providers also cover themselves nine ways from Sunday with tests that they wouldn't otherwise order, just so they have the CYA needed should a John Edwards come knocking on their door...

[*For an extra-points shocker: Talk to any OB/GYN about insurance. It'll make you shake your head and walk away babbling to yourself.]
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