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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/16/2005  4:56 PM
Author:  xraymd Number:  212653 of 310650

Greetings, Fuskie and everybody, I actually AGREE that it is high time (past time) for computers to enter medicine, including even a computer interface for entering data. I just don't agree that how it is being done where I work is working for me.

The docs who have adapted are able to sit with their patients, both facing the computer, and they talk and type at the same time, I can talk and WRITE at the same time but when I try to fuss with the current user interface, it's either that or pay attention to my patient but in the present environment, NOT BOTH. I've tried for months to become more fluent but it is not happening with sufficient rapidity to keep me as productive as I'd been before.

Some of the patients hate it, and they've left. Other patients are happy enough with it if their doc happens to be a maestro. On paper I am a maestro. On this computer system, I am a clumsy oaf who constantly forgets things and who has to ask the patient aspects of past medical history that on paper I would have ALREADY KNOWN and who causes delays when trying to print out Rx's. This interface and I are not seeing eye to eye. One of the bigger issues all summer is that we had a dearth of medical records staff so the xray reports and lab reports and notes from consultants were not getting scanned into the system - so when I went online to look for data to keep the patient informed, it was not there. My medical assistant and I took to separately photocopying important results and, in effect, running a parallel file system because trying to look for a document awaiting scanning meant, literally, searching through a huge, unsorted, photocopy-paper-sized box of documents on dozens of patients. In the 15 minutes alloted for a patient appointment, WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME? And this was becoming a daily event. And the parallel filing sys