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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/17/2005  1:02 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  212708 of 310729


<<<<---1. Was that the parner doctor who is still not on the system?

Also, with one doctor not on the system, how can the practice ethically claim to be 100% EMR?>>>>

"The partner doctor still not on the system was not the partner who participated in the site visit. The one who did is thought to be one of the computer-savvier of the practice. And I don't think the claim that we are 100% EMR is meant to be final yet - it represents the INTENTION for the practice."

If it is merely intent, then you ought to be able to get some relief. Your being "offline" so to speak does not affect the truthfulness of the claim while another partner doctor is also offline.

"I, too, am waiting to see what happens when the senior partner is supposed to go live next March. Perhaps he will take to it better than he thinks but I am predicitng that he lasts a week, hurls the interface through the window and insists that someone else do his documentation while he continues to do on paper what he has excelled at doing for 30 years now. I could be wrong, but that's what I'd wager. He's at least as much a perfectionist as I am."

Any chance the partner doctor's timeline could be accelerated or your delayed to match his/hers?

<<<<---2. Is the CEO a doctor? To whom at your EMR vendor is the CEO related? Or what else is the CEO getting in return?>>>>

"How ironic you should ask this. I have on occasion wondered the same thing. The CEO is definitely not a doctor. He is a businessman."

That is unfortunate, especially if this is his first experience running a medical practice. Providing medical services is not exactly like producing widgets.

"I would believe that he could easily have cut a side deal but I have not a shred of proof of that and it would be ugly to suggest it, though it is not hard to think it."

I was thinking more along the lines of shunting business to a friend or relative rather than a cash "kickback".

"I will say this, though: the email I sent him on the system last January has gone unanswered because he does not know how to sign on. So how can he profess to know whether it is easy enough to use or not? He pretty much goes by what the young maestro doc succeeds in doing. Heck, if I could succeed in doing what the maestro does, this thread would not exist! (and I LOVE this doc but realize he is in a category by himself, and I think everyone who works with him also realizes it)."

Setting the standard at the "superstar"