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Subject:  Re: OT: Career crisis Date:  10/18/2005  8:07 PM
Author:  ptheland Number:  212800 of 310732

I haven't read through all of the responses yet - the thread has gotten pretty long - but I thought I'd share a few thoughts.

I'm not in medicine, but am a professional (a CPA). Especially during tax season, I see clients, have to document files, prepare reports, and communicate it all back to clients. In a sense, it's not too different from a physician. Except, of course, that if I mess up, people don't die. They just have to pay money. (Which, for some, is not too different. <grin>)

As a patient, I like the concept of EMR. It makes a lot of sense. No confusion about the doctor's handwriting or dictation, either in the records or on the communications with others in the health care process (like prescriptions, orders, and the like). Conceptu