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Subject:  Re: Vehicles of Lampert and Kerkorian Date:  10/19/2005  3:00 PM
Author:  Wradical Number:  81148 of 123001

I want to start my own holding company, but currently don't have enough interested parties to give me money that I would probably fall under the personal holding company tax if I were to incorporate. I have noticed some sites saying an LLC like Lampert's setup avoids this tax. Is this true? I was also curious to know if Kirk Kerkorian owns all of Tracinda Corp. If anyone knows the answers to these questions or can direct me somewhere that may be more informative, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all

This is your first post, and you want to start a holding company already!

Unless you're going issue stock that's publicly traded, or at least widely held, (over 100 stockholders), there aren't too many reasons why you'd want to be a C Corporation anymore.