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Subject:  Re: DS's dialemma Date:  12/24/2005  11:11 AM
Author:  leighsah Number:  41046 of 49684


I am sorry your son is having such a rough time... I would suggest the following.

1. Your son is clearly being set up to get fired. I would wiithout doubt make certain any personal items have been removed from the workplace, the company computer, the company car, etc. He must immediately retrieve anything that is his and get it/them away from the company control/company location.

2. He should make very certain he is in possession of any paperwork regarding his performance. This includes all his sales calls sheets for places he's called upon, phone bills or call sheets for calls he's made on his cell, etc. It is very easy to fail if you aren't told what the goals are and your son wasn't apparently made aware of some requirements. (I"m assuming this last thing since if he was able to make the performance corrections in a week, he very likely would have completed them long ago had he been told of them.)

3. He needs a copy of the probation letter that accused him of misconduct. If this was the first he's heard of the rules, that is a huge red flag that they are trying to get rid of him. The fact that now they have given him less than two weeks to correct everything strongly suggests they will fire him "for cause." Now that cause doesn't sound from what you've posted like it would stand up with the unemployment folks, but that is why he needs to be in CYA mode currently.

4. He needs all the paperwork regarding any pay, reimbursed expenses, commissions, overrides, etc. In sales it can sometimes happen that commissions due are mysteriously reverted back to the company or sales manager. As an aside, if your son does go into sales again, he needs to negotiate how commissions are handled up front at the next position.

5. If your son can negotiate a lay-off with unemployment, then great, but the fact that his company looks like it is trying to fire him for cause, I doubt that will happen. If he is fired, then he needs to head straight to the unemployment office or website (here in Florida you do everything online) and file for benefits. It isn't up to the company to determine if he gets benefits and announcing a problem that he has two weeks to fix or else he is fired is not in the spirit of the law. At least here in Florida he would quite likely get benefits for these games.

6. If he likes sales, then look at positions at the places he was trying to sell to. If he hates sales but wants to use that engineering degree, (that was mechanical?) he might have to relocate. If I remember your posts from the engineering board, but not the circumstances for no engineering position. Were there no ME positions or did he realize that being an engineer wasn't quite what he thought?



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