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Subject:  Re: Should I pay off a cc with my ING fund? Date:  1/22/2006  10:08 PM
Author:  FIgirl Number:  219066 of 312185

You say your snowball in February to MBNA is $2450. What happens then to that $2450 in future months? Where is it designated to go? Can it go towards building your ING back up and building up what you will need for your Roth, then topping off your credit card repayment snowball with it (as you may have planned to do) after April, say?

Hi Xray, I actually hadn't thought of it that way. I planned on keeping the snowball level the same and throwing the $2450 at the next card (which is at 8.9%), not using it to replenish my ING or pay for my Roth.

Interesting idea! I'd still have a period of low acccount balance insecurity, but it would be a lot shorter. But would I end up paying more interest that way, since I'd slow down the cc snowball temporarily?

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