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Subject:  Re: Financial Update Date:  1/31/2006  3:16 AM
Author:  ApacheMech Number:  219774 of 312189

Thank you for all the kudos.
When I first started to realize how much my debt to income ratio was, it felt like I was suffocating and my heart was going to explode. Since I handle all the finances in the household (except bill paying which is done automatically because of deployment purposes), I had to find a way to break the news to my then pregnant wife. She is an Irish-German redhead with a elevationally challenged (short) complex who has a short tempered fuse that has no warning whatsoever. I have an exact opposite temperment, so I guess we mesh somehow. I haven't figured out how, but it works just perfectly. Anyways, back on subject. She was floored and livid for weeks. I was feverishly trying to figure out a way to get out of this hole I dug for ourselves. I started to put it on an excel worksheet. She doesn't like computer printouts, so I could control how it looked so she can read it. I finally figured a way to pay everything down, but it involved buying a house. I bought a house that she really liked (I left it up to her) for like $13,000 below the asking price and took advantage of the Military financing and had no down payment and they paid me like $865 for the closing fees. I got a screaming deal on the whole thing, DW got a new house and some of the cc's got paid off. About a month later, I had to get a second mortgage to free up some cash flow so I could start a snowball and still have enough money to make ends meet. This, of course was part of the plan. Now, I have things on an okay level where DW and I can see the debt coming down. Since the military doesn't pay very much, and I have a champagne taste with a beer budget, I had to do something fast or else owe everyone money for the rest of our lives.
This all happened like a year and a half ago, so I just started, but I can see some light, or what looks like a light at the end of a very long tunnel. It could be post dramatic stress syndrome, but I don't think so. It is because of all the Fools I read about in the posts that made this happen and all the encouraging words you and everyone give me. You and all the Fools are the REAL motivators. Thank you all for the help and support and I will continue to keep my head down over here in Iraq and keep my head held high when not in
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